The new MINI App is the latest digital product from MINI and you can be one of the first users to access its features. With a clear focus on user experience, design and stability, the new MINI app offers an intuitive tool to interact with your MINI. Using the new MINI App you’ll be able to open/lock the car and control various features like the windows or the lights, and even search for a destination on your phone and then send it to your MINI’s navigation system.

For EV/PHEV (electric) models it can also tell you the battery state of charge and the estimated distance that can be covered with that range. The map can also point you in the right direction whenever you’re looking to recharge your batteries.

The new MINI App will continue to receive software updates over the coming weeks, further enhancing the experience. To get the new App, use the download buttons below.

Learn in this video how to connect your MINI to the MINI App. After downloading and installing the MINI App, accept the terms and conditions and log in with your MINI Connected account, or create a new account. Define a 4-digit PIN to ensure that no other person who has access to your phone can make changes to your MINI's settings. To enjoy the full experience allow the MINI App access to different apps on your phone. To add your vehicle, enter the 17 digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Press 'Help locating your VIN' to get additional information. Your VIN can be found in your vehicle registration documents and depending on your country on the driver’s or passenger’s side door frame or on the driver’s side windscreen. After entering your VIN in the MINI App, a security code will be sent to your vehicle, which is valid for three hours. Find the security code under 'MINI Connected'and 'MINI Messages'. Enter the security code in the MINI App and confirm. The process is now complete. There may be a waiting period until the vehicle you have connected is confirmed and displayed on the 'Vehicle' tab. Enable Remote Services in order to use features such as locking or unlocking your vehicle via the MINI App.