A wide range of expert repair services are on offer to take care of even the most minor of cosmetic damage to your car, from stone chips to bumper scuffs and beyond.

We use advanced repair methods and paint application as part of our wide range of cosmetic repairs which will return your car to its former glory. And the great thing is that we can do this as pain-free and as cost-effectively as possible. A few of the minor repairs that we are able to take care of for you are listed below.

Smart Repair Menu.

Alloy wheel repairsfrom £45 per wheel
Bumper scuffsfrom £75
Paintless dent removal from £50
Windscreen repairsfrom £49
Wing-mirror repaintfrom £59

For a no-obligation quotation call by our Bodyshop in Tewkesbury or Cotswold Cheltenham and Cotswold Hereford BMW/MINI Centres, Monday to Friday 8.00-17.00.

Quotations by appointment on Saturdays, please ask for our Bodyshop Advisors on:

Cotswold Group Bodyshop

01684 855 060

Cotswold Cheltenham

01242 335 335

Cotswold Hereford

01432 375 555